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ClubCorp is a privately held American corporation based in Dallas and is the largest owner and operator of private golf and country clubs in the country. It owns or operates more than 200 golf and country clubs and business, sports and alumni clubs worldwide. Located in 26 states, the District of Columbia, and also two foreign countries, the company and its clubs have more than 430,000 members and


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Accounts Receivable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company has no Leadership nor do they care about employees! No motivation at all! No team- department goals. No opportunity to promote or to grow unless you leave. No bonuses, NO RAISES. Flexible scheduleNo raises, promotions or Leadership.We appreciate you taking the time to provide your review and feedback. We respect and value every member of our team, and we regret to hear you feel you did not receive the support from management that we strive to provide at each of our clubs. We aim to provide a collaborative and family-like environment for all of our employees, so you have a great place to build lasting relationships with both your team and our Members. Management is known for providing a high level of support to every member of our team, and we are disappointed to learn that was not your experience. We are glad you took the time to share your feedback as it will help build a better environment moving forward. Thank you for all your hard work and for being a part of our team."

Food and Beverage Manager (Former Employee) says

"No one in the workplace is happy and everyone is in survival mode. Job is constantly under threat from senior leadership. Those same leaders are also the ones who say one thing and do another. Some members are very nice to be aroundeverything elseWe appreciate your feedback and it saddens us you feel your time here did not live up to your expectations. We strive to provide a collaborative and supportive environment where our team can make a positive impact on our Members. We respect and value every member of our team and we are so grateful for your efforts. We encourage any current team member who may have similar concerns to discuss those with Human Resources. Thank you for leaving your review and we wish you the best of luck in your new position."

Porter/Maintenance & Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for a long time, most of the years were good. However, as time went on, employers true colors began to show. Members are entitled just as much as the employers. If you don't want to put a fake mask on every day this job isn't for you. Management is very unreasonable. They micromanage every task, favoritism, point out all your flaws and weaknesses, and will stomp all over you if you don't stand up for yourself. They act nice to your face in public, but behind closed doors they're evil. If they did it to me they'll do it to you. Beware.As an organization dedicated to delivering first class amenities and excellent services to our Members, we recognize that busy seasons can be stressful at times. We respect and value every one of our employees and our goal is to provide the support you need to succeed. We feel our compensation is inline with the market, and it saddens us you feel compensation did not meet your expectations. We appreciate your review and wish you the best of luck in your new position."

I am still currently employed here (Current Employee) says

"Bad decisions, favoritism, inconsistent management practices are just a few examples of the General Manager's management "style". The GM knows less about management than she does about anything else in life. As long as she keeps her friends happy, she has no qualm about throwing the team members under the bus. Karma is coming for you.Thank you for sharing your feedback. Our goal is to provide a great work environment at each of our clubs, where our employees can thrive and deliver excellent services to our Members. We respect and value every member of our team, and we regret to hear you feel you did not receive the support from South Shore management that we work to provide. We appreciate your feedback and will use it to build a better environment going forward. Thank you for your contributions to our team and for all your hard work."

Cook/Prep (Former Employee) says

"the chef is a drunk he drink all the time and not a safe place to work kitchen is very dirty and roaches run freely the day shift never cleans the kitchen for evening shiftffree foodwhen the chef leaves for the day"

Tennis Professional / Lead Racket Stringer (Former Employee) says

"Avoid this place at all costs. Management is run very poorly. You will find great friends to work with in the majority of your co-workers however you will not advance or receive any benefits of any kind.Free LunchEverything"

Executive Sous Chef/Executive Chef (Former Employee) says

"I started as exec sous chef in one of their club, received very little training , but I was working with a very good chef, then I was offered an exec chef position, and was sent to one of the worst place possible, nothing to work with, no printer, no training, no support, incompetent and lazy employees at best, with no culinary experience what so ever... always late, and slow to the fullest beside no management tools what so everexperienceno training, poor management, unqualified employees"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company culture. I was constantly micro managed, denied capital for the equipment I needed and repairs necessary, and overall set up for failure. They pay peanuts and do not give raises, which means you cannot recruit or keep quality people. Clubcorp is also environmentally irresponsible, they still use styrofoam! Profits are all this company cares about, so if you're the corporate stooge type, you'll fit right in. If you actually care about your employees, environment, and yourself, steer clear!None come to mindTreated like a robot, not a human"

Server (Former Employee) says

"Your tips are pooled and split between the staff and management. So the senior staff does as little as possable while you take all the tables, get weeded and yelled at by the lovely members who feel they need to tell you how inept you are. When you bring any issues up to management they avoid, lie, or tell you " changes are coming". They can't keep staff long enough to make changes. So good luck."

Concierge Services (Former Employee) says

"I held a number of positions and was great at my job. I was acknowledged for my good work, but once there was an opportunity for more hours to do what I was good at, I was shot down due to prejudice over having depression. This is ILLEGAL and was the only reason my general manager took my leaving well because he knew I could have sued over that."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"the best part were the members and co-workers. The company itself is only money driven they don't care for their employees if you're not high managementGreat members and co-workersThey don't take care of their employees"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Upper management don't, give a dam.About there employees. All they care about is profits.No comunications skills what so ever.Horrible place to work. Stay away. People are very unfriendly.Free GolfEverything"

f&B captain (Former Employee) says

"This company was once a very good company to work for, but it was sold 5 or 6 years ago. In the last 18 months corporate culture has done a 180 no job security at all. Currently there is a strange mix of the old and the new senior mgt.great locations, held in high regard by local communitiesbad leadership, did not care about managers or EP's could not even act like they cared"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management doesn't have any leadership skills and heart. Unfair to employees Bad environment to work Dirty and bad employees break roomNice membersEverything"

Executive Chef (Former Employee) says

"This club is a poor example of what the company stands for. It is infested with roaches, poorly mantained and very dated. For a GM that has been at this property for just under two years, you would think that there would be some sort of example of improvement; either through future plans verbal communication, visually or otherwise. It was clear that there were other goals/intentions that didnt include improving the work or member environment.Golf, closed on MondayManagement, Direction, Facility, Tools to do the job"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Leadership starts at the top. There is a reason there are always so many open positions being posted on job sites. Stay away unless you are desperate for a job.GolfManagement"

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"They hired me for day shift then moved me to nights before I started pay was only 8 dollars an hour they expect so much from dishwashing to preparing food cleaning restrooms sweeping mopping taking out trash for bar and kitchen they had basically no leadership the turnover rate is very high in this position the place had roaches the cooks never helped by keeping there station clean I wouldn’t recommend even applying for this job one more thing the kitchen is very disorganizedThey fed youVery little pay lack of leadership cramped working environment"

Office Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Overall poor management, which explained why the position I filled had a high turnover. I was told that the employees in that position only lasted a few months before leaving."

KEY HOLDER (Former Employee) says

"The GM, Golf Pro, and Chef were amazing and paid their staff well. My manager informed me that she was paid a portion of our "tip share" which left me with mostly minimum wage pay rates. I was asked to be a key holder in less than 2 months of employment due to my extensive management experience and I accepted, but I left because 4 months later I hadn't received a raise or the promotion I was promised.Free use of member ammenitiesLong hours, no breaks"

Bartender (Former Employee) says

"If you want a low paying job, this is your home. Just my point of view to all trying to lose your mind. Great friends though. Management is poor in club level."